Behold the Gold Bull!  Feast your eyes on our famous Gold and Gold Stocks chart.  We created this to maintain a superior strategic perspective on the glorious gold bull market that is now unfolding.  We update this chart periodically in order to watch this gold bull continue galloping higher and generating legendary profits for investors and speculators.


Do you find this awesome gold bull intriguing?  Imagine if you had anticipated these early stages of this gold bull and had deployed your valuable capital accordingly, reaping legendary gains during the very brutal years that most investors were getting slaughtered in the NASDAQ bust.  At Zeal we anticipated and predicted this gold bull, and have been riding it higher ever since!  Our subscribers have been blessed with magnificent realized gains as a direct result of the gold and gold-stock investments that we have recommended.  One of our subscribers writes...


"I have been following your gold suggestions since December of 2001 and have made a barrel of money.  The ten gold stocks you recommend now, if held since then, are up about 500% on average.  Not too shabby while gold bullion is up about 70%, a 7 to 1 ratio." - Retired subscriber from Florida, 11.5.2004


Back on April 27th, 2001 when tech stocks were all the rage and commodities were widely considered to be an irrelevant anachronism, we published a bold essay called "The Great Commodities Bull of the 00's".  The Friday afternoon this essay was originally published gold itself closed at $264, the HUI unhedged gold-stock index closed at 57, and the XAU hedged gold-stock index closed at 56.  It was less than a month after gold's final bottom shown above, a wonderful time to buy.  Adam closed his essay with...


"We believe that the commodities market has a high probability of being THE great destination for capital in the coming decade.  Like all bull markets, this coming commodities boom will begin relatively slowly.  The first ones in will be the brave contrarians who recognize true value in a market area that has been nuked and laid to waste.  Gradually, as the 00’s progress, the commodities bull will gather more and more steam as more and more individual commodities rally and reach new highs.


Ultimately, speculative capital will gravitate to the ever-increasing returns on commodities, commodities equities, and commodities derivatives, driving prices even higher.  Finally, in the late stages of the bull market, the casual conventional investor will desperately throw in their lot, dumping massive amounts of capital into the markets that will push commodity prices to red-hot parabolic extremes.
Enough money can and will be made in the coming commodities bull to last a lifetime, and those in early and out early (before the ultimate bubble collapse) will likely be the new "Masters of the Universe" on Wall Street in 2011.
Remember, all market wisdom is distillable into four simple words, Buy Low Sell High.  Imagine knowing what we know now about tech stocks back in 1990, and having a chance to saddle-up and ride the 1990s tech bull market from near trough to peak…  We believe a similar macro-contrarian buy opportunity exists TODAY in beaten-down commodities." - 4.27.2001


Good news friends, this gold bull is not over!  It is not too late to jump in and grab some of these legendary profits for yourself.  We believe we are still traveling in the early stages of this gold bull, with unfathomable profits awaiting us.  Odds are the best is yet to come!  Will you be ready to reap the rewards as this gold bull continues to unfold in the future?


How can you profit from these insights?


We will help you learn how to approach the markets thinking like a true contrarian, equipping you with the knowledge, wisdom, and tools to grow into a stellar long-term investor and sharp short-term speculator who can thrive in all conceivable market conditions.
Among other services, we publish an acclaimed monthly newsletter called Zeal Intelligence.  An integral part of our newsletter involves analyzing this unfolding bull market in gold and other commodities.  Our monthly intelligence briefing also encompasses a no-nonsense look into markets, speculation, investment, geopolitics, and truth.
We employ innovative cutting-edge technical analysis as well as traditional fundamental analysis to inform and educate our subscribers on how to grow and protect their capital.  In our newsletter we actively research, recommend, track, and trade the best gold stocks in the world and seek to earn legendary profits for our subscribers and ourselves as gold continues its relentless march northwards.
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