As students of the markets, we never stop our financial-market research.  We share our findings through our free weekly web essays, our weekly subscription alerts service, our monthly subscription newsletter, and our periodic fundamental reports.  In some cases though, these core products might not happen to address the specific questions that concern you.  For these eventualities, we also offer private consulting services.  When consulting for you, we can fully focus our undivided attention on directly answering your unique questions.


While we are willing to discuss most potential consulting engagements, our most common consulting includes...

     - Trading strategy optimization  (answering questions to help fine-tune your speculation approach)

     - Strategic market timing  (helping you discern optimal buy or sell points within prevailing trends)

     - Investment portfolio evaluation  (analyzing your existing investment positions and offering feedback)

     - Investment portfolio design  (creating a new custom portfolio for you tailored to your worldview)

     - Independent company evaluation  (researching a stock you are considering buying, reporting to you)


We are very selective in our consulting engagements, only accepting projects where we believe we can add significant value and exceed your expectations.  If your unique questions look like they can be illuminated through applying our extensive research, knowledge, wisdom, and experience, we'd be honored to serve you.


Unfortunately our supply of time is scarce and finite, and the demand for our hard-won expertise is very high.  With all our other research, services, and trading, the Zeal principals can each only devote about one day a week to consulting.  So making your project our sole mission is expensive.  And it is not cost-effective for all projects, particularly ones where our existing products can largely answer questions at a fraction of the cost.


If you simply want to see our long-term investment portfolio at any time, subscribe to our monthly Zeal Intelligence newsletter.  If you want to see our actual ongoing speculative trading, subscribe to our weekly Zeal Speculator alerts service.  Together these two acclaimed products will keep you abreast of the markets, show you exactly what we are doing with our own capital, explain the reasons why, and game near-future market probabilities.  For less than the cost of a couple hours of consulting, you can enjoy both ZI and ZS for a year!


But if you have unique questions or concerns that haven't been addressed recently in our newsletters, private consulting offers you an avenue to get them quickly answered.  Just click on the name of a Zeal principal above in the navigation bar, drop us an e-mail, and we'll get back to you promptly.  Sometimes it takes a week or two to schedule the consulting time depending on our availability, but we'll get to your project as soon as possible.


Of course all our consulting discussions are privileged, completely confidential forever.  As soon as we are paid, we shred or delete all working documents and e-mails relating to you.  We never accept work that conflicts with our primary loyalty to our subscribers.  We don't usually accept consulting engagements from corporations, and if we do we will never recommend that company in the future to avoid any conflicts of interest.  We do not do promotional campaigns to drum up investor interest.  Our mission is to serve individual investors and speculators.