Stock-market conditions are perpetually changing, with ever-shifting tides of sentiment driving an endless parade of tradable trends.  Zeal Speculator is our weekly newsletter for active traders, designed to harness these tradable trends and illuminate the forces driving them.  It documents and analyzes market-moving developments on a day-by-day basis to uncover high-probability-for-success trading opportunities.  It offers a unique and invaluable high-resolution read on the markets, highlighting trading ops right as they develop.



Zeal Speculator gives active traders deeper and more-timely insights into the markets than any monthly newsletter can, including our own Zeal Intelligence.  The major interim lows and highs traders are looking to capture for optimal trades are often very fleeting, lasting only a few days at best.  Through carefully analyzing the markets and key stock-price drivers on an ongoing daily basis, we help traders not only recognize critical trend turning points but anticipate them.  Forewarned is forearmed, leaving traders ready to quickly seize ops.


Zeal Speculator also offers a priceless read into the psychology of the markets.  Nothing affects short-term price action more than prevailing sentiment, and few trading newsletters are as adept at analyzing it as ours.  We are hardcore contrarians at Zeal, perpetually bucking conventional market psychology.  We buy aggressively when others are scared, because that is when stocks are the most oversold and bargains abound.  Later we sell when others get greedy, because once everyone is excited few new buyers remain so a correction looms.


At Zeal we walk the walk in the speculation game, betting our own capital on our research and trading recommendations.  We have a long history of successful trading in every kind of market condition imaginable, from parabolic surges to full-blown stock panics.  Unlike virtually all Wall Street analysts who don't put their money where their mouths are by risking their own capital, we do.  We are trading to win and multiply our own personal fortunes and Zeal Speculator documents the ongoing decisions, rationale, and trades of this journey.


Zeal Speculator is a friend in the trenches for active traders.  We never get scared and rarely get excited, so we can help you fight your own internal fear and greed.  Emotional management is essential for trading success, and our cold logical approach will help you keep your own dangerous emotions in check.  Our candid analysis will help you keep the markets in proper perspective, maintaining focus on intermediate trends to avoid getting sidetracked by current events.  Your trading skills will grow as our hard-won experience sharpens your thoughts.


Our unparalleled knowledge, wisdom, and expertise focused like a laser on the markets and trading opportunities every week make Zeal Speculator an outstanding value.  If you are interested in stock markets, commodities, commodities stocks, and trading opportunities, you'll love it.  You can get a better feel for it by clicking on the thumbnail images below to read an actual issue in your web browser, or you can download it in PDF format.  We also have a tours page with a more in-depth look at some of Zeal Speculator's elements.  Subscribe today!