Zeal Speculator is for active speculators demanding a higher-resolution read on current market events, along with their associated risks and opportunities, published more often.  It uses our same acclaimed contrarian approach applied to investing in our Zeal Intelligence monthly newsletter, narrowing its focus to speculation.  Released weekly, Zeal Speculator digs deeply into each trading day's price action.  It studies the intraday sentiment, technicals, and fundamentals moving key markets including stocks, commodities, and currencies.


This detailed research will help you better understand what's driving the markets and why, and where they are likely heading.  We analyze all major market-moving news, and watch a wide variety of proven indicators to look for tradable trend changes.  All this analysis comes from a studied contrarian perspective defying crippling mainstream groupthink.  Our goal is to uncover high-probability-for-success trading opportunities by fighting the crowd.  Zeal Speculator buys low in out-of-favor sectors, before later selling high as they grow popular.



Speculation is an exceedingly-challenging endeavor that very few master.  Buying low and selling high sounds simple, but it's incredibly difficult in practice.  The powerful warring emotions of greed and fear innate in every speculator, as well as their collective manifestation in popular sentiment, mislead traders into doing the exact opposite of what they should be.  They buy high when everyone is excited about a topping sector, then later sell low when everyone is scared following an inevitable major selloff.  These terrible mistakes destroy capital.


But approaching the markets from a contrarian perspective, fighting the crowd, overcomes these destructive tendencies.  This requires suppressing your own greed and fear, and becoming exceptionally attuned to the surrounding popular sentiment so you can fade it.  Achieving this unnatural state requires a deep knowledge of market history necessary to keep current developments in perspective.  Zeal Speculator will help you cultivate that essential contrarian perspective, enabling you to overcome the herd mentality to buy low and sell high.


The priceless analysis in Zeal Speculator is centered around the core framework of chronology.  Market price action forms a causal chain, where earlier events naturally lead to later events.  Speculators must understand what led up to and is driving today's price action in order to forecast tomorrow's.  And whenever something important arises sentimentally, technically, or fundamentally, we dig deeper with more detailed analysis.  This is based on how similar market setups in the past actually played out, offering emotion-neutering perspective.


After investing decades intensely studying and actively trading the markets, our vast experience, knowledge, and wisdom is unparalleled.  Not many people in the world have spent many tens of thousands of hours in the markets cultivating such exceedingly-valuable understanding!  You can enjoy the great fruits from our ongoing research for a mere pittance, putting our elite expertise in your corner.  We'll help you maintain perspective, suppress your greed and fear, grow your knowledge, and multiply your wealth by buying low and selling high.


Zeal Speculator will help you keep your own emotions in check, avoid the perils of succumbing to prevailing groupthink, and anticipate important tradable market turning points.  We'll help you apply sound contrarian principles to actually buying low and selling high, growing your capital over time.  Please join us and support our work!  Subscribe to Zeal Speculator today, buy the current issue, take a tour, or click these thumbnails to read a sample.  We want to help you thrive in contrarian speculation, and are very grateful for your business!