Thriving in the stock markets is not a happy accident.  Investing success demands a great deal of hard work, discipline, diligence, wisdom, and experience.  As hardcore students of the markets, at Zeal we've devoted our professional lives to achieving this.  All our endless research ultimately feeds our flagship product, the widely-acclaimed Zeal Intelligence monthly newsletter.  For over a decade it has helped investors better understand the capricious markets, identify and seize trading opportunities, and accelerate their wealth-building.



Investors striving to prosper in the stock markets face daunting challenges.  Every day vast torrents of new information are generated, which must be painstakingly filtered, prioritized, and analyzed.  Then important and relevant developments must be considered in proper context, which requires great wisdom that only comes from long years of experience.  All the while, investors must actively suppress their own internal warring greed and fear.  And only then can high-probability-for-success trading opportunities be uncovered and acted on.


As private investors and speculators, we spend hundreds of hours a month doing these very things.  This time-consuming process is absolutely essential to multiply our fortunes.  And if we have to undertake all this research anyway, why not share it?  Benefits abound all around.  Packaging and selling our research in newsletters keeps us highly motivated to excel, we can't start coasting.  All the feedback sharpens and hones our knowledge, and the sales compensate us for our time so we don't have to tap our trading accounts for living expenses.


And you get to enjoy the profitable fruits of our hard labors for a pittance.  With countless subscribers spread across every state and 60+ countries supporting our work, you don't have to spend much to benefit from it.  Zeal Intelligence not only saves you hundreds of hours of your own precious time every month, but it is filled with priceless hard-won knowledge, wisdom, and experience that is only achieved through decades of active investing and speculating.  Without putting in the time, you can still enjoy the benefits of our specialization.


Back in 2000 our research called the next superbull in commodities, and we have been multiplying our fortunes and our subscribers' in commodities stocks ever since.  For over a decade our trading track record has been outstanding, and keeps improving as our knowledge grows.  Every month our latest elite fundamental, technical, and sentimental research and analysis is deftly woven together into actionable high-probability-for-success trades.  Our long-time subscribers praise us for all they've learned and the fortunes we've helped them amass.


Unfortunately most investors don't have the time, motivation, expertise, backgrounds, or skill sets to achieve what we have.  But even without these, reading Zeal Intelligence will greatly accelerate your understanding of, and hence ultimate success in, the stock markets.  You'll learn how to read the markets and sectors, time trades, and control your own dangerous greed and fear.  As your confidence grows, so will your realized profits.  Subscribe today, learn more from our tours page, or click the thumbnails below to sample an actual issue.