Zeal LLC specializes in stock-market speculation and investment from a contrarian perspective.  We zealously study world markets, searching for buying-low opportunities in deeply-undervalued and out-of-favor sectors before later selling high.  The fruits of our research are published in acclaimed financial-market newsletters and reports on individual stocks.  Our customers over the years have hailed from all US states and 55+ countries.


Adam Hamilton (pictured) founded Zeal LLC in early 2000.  He started investing in stocks when he was 12 years old, using money from summer jobs.  He grew up fascinated by stock markets, dreaming of making a living in this unique realm where compensation was not limited by time on task like most other professions.


After growing up in a small-town banking family in rural North Dakota, Adam left for school at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  There he met Scott Wright, his best friend and future business partner.  They spent tons of time together studying finance, working out, going to church, skiing, and aspiring to business.


After graduation, Adam went on to become a Big Six CPA and consultant.  Scott worked in the brokerage and banking industries.  Adam finally felt he had enough experience and capital to launch Zeal in early 2000, at 25 years old.  And Scott joined four years later in 2004 after operations had sufficiently ramped up.


Adam and Scott both live in Colorado today, each blessed with awesome wives and two great children.  Adam and Scott are deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve their customers to help them thrive in the markets.  They live and breathe contrarian speculation and investment, and their lifelong passion for it knows no bounds.  That's why Adam named this company Zeal.



If you're a speculator or investor weary of the financial media's one-sided stock-market cheerleading, we can sure help you cultivate an essential contrarian perspective.  We've always published weekly essays, which have become well-known for their unique charts.  These essays are reposted by over three-dozen websites around the world.  They are a great way to get you started in seeing the financial markets through a contrarian lens.


Our flagship product is Zeal Intelligence, a monthly financial-market newsletter for investors.  We also publish the weekly Zeal Speculator for more-active speculators.  Each draws on our decades of experience, knowledge, wisdom, and ongoing research to explain what's going on in the markets, why, and how to trade them with specific stocks.  We research stocks in contrarian sectors, profiling our fundamental favorites in Zeal Reports.


We also offer private consulting services for individuals and institutions.  Our various products and services can really help you thrive and multiply your capital in the markets.  Success in this realm demands buying low then selling high.  This requires betting contrary to the crowd, as stocks are the cheapest with the greatest upside potential when they are most out of favor.  Our market-cycle studies will help you seize those opportunities.


Thanks for stopping by!  We really look forward to serving you!  For questions, please e-mail info@zealllc.com.


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Our Mission Statement  "To zealously provide our valued customers with world-class contrarian financial-market research.  To analyze financial-market cycles and individual stocks to uncover stellar speculation and investment opportunities for our customers.  To deliver these services with honor, honesty, and integrity."