Adam Hamilton here, thank you for considering my private consulting services!  If you're visiting this page, you've read my essays and newsletters and are already familiar with my work.  If my research, knowledge, wisdom, and experience can be applied to your unique questions and concerns, I'd be honored to help you.  As my time is very scarce, devoting it exclusively to your project is costly.  Here are my rates and terms...


Adam Hamilton consulting time - US$300 per hour

     - Telephone or e-mail, your choice

     - 1 hour minimum, after that my time is billed in 15-minute increments

     - Engagements under 3 hours - no payment due until consulting is delivered

     - Engagements over 3 hours - 50% payment due up front, 50% due upon completion

     - Please e-mail me at to get scheduled


The most cost-effective form of consulting I can do for you is a telephone conversation.  You can write down your questions, and send them to me in advance if you wish.  We'll then schedule a mutually-beneficial time for me to give you a call.  Then we'll discuss everything on your mind and I'll offer thoughts, insights, and opinions on all your concerns.  This type of consulting is quick and relatively easy to schedule.  But due to Zeal Intelligence research, writing, and publishing, I'm almost never available in the final week of any calendar month.


If you'd like a written deliverable, the time costs increase substantially.  It takes a great deal of effort to research, fact-check, write, proof, and publish a written report.  To give you an idea of the time involved, I typically spend about 12 to 14 hours preparing a weekly web essay, 7 hours on a weekly Zeal Speculator alert, and 45 to 50 hours on a monthly Zeal Intelligence.  So while I'd be happy to prepare an appropriate deliverable for your project, realize the necessary processes to ensure our usual quality, reliability, and polish take time.


I've spent the years since 2000 researching and actively trading these powerful secular commodities bulls, so my expertise lies in commodities, commodities stocks, and the general stock markets.  I am also adept at investing and speculating theory and practical application.  If you've seen me write about the areas you are interested in consultation on, chances are I will be able to help you.  But if you seek advice in an area that I have not spent sufficient time studying, I'll have to respectfully decline your engagement.  I have to be able to add value.


Prior to founding Zeal LLC, I was a road warrior flying 45 weeks a year doing consulting work.  So I have no love lost for airports, flying, and hotel living.  Thus I am not interested in traveling to consult.  I might consider it if you have a crazy-interesting project that sounds like the coolest thing ever, but you'd face an uphill battle convincing me to leave my family.  Almost all projects can be done very effectively over the telephone and via e-mail, so there is little need to bear the considerable burdens and costs that travel imposes.


A little background on me will help you understand the roots of my worldview.  I am an entrepreneur, a self-made millionaire who built a global financial-services business from nothing.  I am a speculator, my father opened my first brokerage account for me when I was 12 years old and I've been zealously trading ever since.  I am a life-long student of the markets, passionate about learning and experiencing the endless opportunities free markets present.  I am incredibly blessed to do what I love every single day of my life, and I never forget it.


I am a Biblical Christian, a sinner saved only by the grace of my awesome Creator, Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.  I truly owe Him everything, including all my success.  I am a family man, happily married to my wonderful wife and soul mate.  I am a Libertarian, believing in personal freedom, accountability, and as limited a role as possible for all government.  I am highly-motivated, well-educated (triple majored in Finance, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship with 4.0 GPAs), a CPA (licensed in Colorado), and a lifelong fitness buff.


But I am not a guru, I don't have all the answers on anything.  One could study the financial markets for a hundred lifetimes and still not know it all.  Nor can I see the future, only game probabilities like all other mere mortals.  But I wake up every day eager to learn and work hard to grow my knowledge.  If I can use it to help address your concerns, I'd be happy to.  Thanks for considering consulting with me.  I will do everything in my power to serve you and exceed your expectations.  God bless you!  :-)