These are free samples of our monthly Zeal Intelligence and weekly Zeal Speculator newsletters, as well as fundamental stock profiles extracted from our comprehensive Zeal Reports on our favorite stocks in various sectors.  These samples are available as both Adobe PDF files you can download and screenshots you can view online in your web browser.  We hope you enjoy our acclaimed products.  Thanks for coming!



PDF Files



Zeal Intelligence - September 2010


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Zeal Speculator - 5.11.2010


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  Zeal Reports - ATAC Resources (6/10 Report)


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  Zeal Reports - Andean Resources (3/10 Report)


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  Zeal Reports - Silvercorp Metals (6/09 Report) ZRsamSVM Start Here  
  Zeal Reports - Red Back Mining (12/08 Report) ZRsamRBI Start Here  


To download these files...

1.  RIGHT CLICK on the appropriate PDF link above.

2.  LEFT CLICK "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu.

3.  Find an appropriate location on your hard drive, and then LEFT CLICK the "Save" button.

4.  Open Adobe Acrobat Reader and from within Reader open the saved PDF file off your hard drive.