Zeal newsletters, alerts, and reports are distributed in the popular Adobe Acrobat PDF file format.  PDF files are the global standard for the exchange of complex documents, allowing anyone to easily open, view, and print a document on their own computer that is identical to the original.
We use PDF files rather than text e-mails because they allow us to include charts, tables, attractive formatting, graphics, and different fonts.  PDFs enable us to produce visually rich documents that better reflect the complex markets.  And they ensure that you see our publications exactly the way we intended.
Where do I get Adobe Acrobat Reader so I can open your PDFs?  Please visit the following URL to quickly and easily download Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge.  That's right, Adobe Reader is absolutely free!  Adobe earns its profits by charging the people who create the files, like Zeal, rather than charging the people who actually open, view, and print the files like you.
After your download is complete, this small program may be quickly and easily installed by double-clicking on the newly downloaded file.  For general Adobe Reader information, please visit www.adobe.com.  Zeal does not offer Adobe support.
Are there any special e-mail settings for receiving Zeal PDFs?  No, Zeal PDF files are sent as a standard attachment to an e-mail delivered to your e-mail address immediately when they are published.  These Zeal PDFs are not visible within the body of your e-mail, they are attachments to your e-mail.  All you have to do to view them is receive the e-mail, save the PDF to your hard drive, open Acrobat Reader, and then open the new Zeal PDF.
How do I ensure that Zeal PDFs are printed optimally on my printer?  Zeal PDFs are originally designed with 1/2" margins, but sometimes default Adobe setups force 1" margins which make each page appear smaller than we intended.  If your printed PDF margins are larger than 1/2", then Adobe is zooming or scaling.  You can easily fix this to restore Zeal PDFs to their full original size.
For best printing, open Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to File > Print on the menu, and make sure "Page Scaling" is set to "None" or "Zoom" is set to "100%".  We highly recommend you do this.  After you get a Zeal PDF printed with its original svelte 1/2" margins, all future print jobs through Adobe should preserve these settings.
How do I set up my e-mail filter so Zeal PDFs make it through?  If you have incoming e-mail spam filtering in place, you probably need to configure your filtering software to automatically accept e-mails from Zeal.  We need to be added to your safe list of senders.  This is usually located in your own e-mail software but in some cases you have to contact your e-mail provider and tell them you want to receive all incoming e-mails from Zeal LLC.  Here is the technical information necessary for white-listing us.
Our sending domain - ZealLLC.com (please note the 3 Ls in our domain, zeaL LLc)
Our domain's IP address -
Publishing IPs relayed to our domain - and
Zeal Intelligence and Zeal Reports publishing e-mail address - subs@zealllc.com (please note the 3 Ls in our domain, zeaL LLc)

Zeal Speculator publishing e-mail address - spec@zealllc.com (please note the 3 Ls in our domain, zeaL LLc)
Technically Zeal Intelligence and Zeal Speculator are sent to you as an Adobe PDF file attached to an e-mail where your e-mail address is in the Blind Carbon Copy line, not the To line, in order to protect your privacy.  So please make sure your e-mail filtering software allows all incoming e-mails to you from Zeal LLC even when your e-mail address is hidden in the BCC line.


All e-mail accounts also have disk-space quotas.  If you have too much e-mail sitting in your inbox, your e-mail provider will reject any further messages.  In order to receive Zeal PDFs, please ensure that you always have at least 2mb of free disk space, 4mb for reports.  This is especially crucial in the days following the last trading day of each month when Zeal Intelligence is published.
How do I know Zeal PDFs are safe for my computer?  Our livelihoods depend upon our ability to send you clean virus-free files, so we take security very seriously.  Zeal PDF files are all created on one secure computer deep within the bowels of Zeal that does not have Internet access.  This computer is used for nothing but creating pristine PDFs when we publish so it is never exposed to infection.  Zeal PDFs you receive directly from us are perfectly safe.
But Outlook Express still says the Zeal PDF may have a virus!  By default all installations of Outlook Express 6 are set up by Microsoft to assume that all incoming file attachments may be malicious and virus-laden, regardless if they really are.  If you want to receive any attachments at all, including Zeal PDFs, please do the following.
Open Outlook Express and go to Tools > Options > Security on the menu.  On the Security tab you will find an option that says "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus."  Uncheck this and Outlook Express will allow you to save attachments as normal.
This does not compromise your security either, as still even after this option is unchecked Outlook Express will force you to manually confirm each attachment you wish to save or open in the future.  It just grants you normal access to attachments.
What if I receive an error message from Adobe when trying to open a file?  99% of the time that Adobe Reader gives an error message when trying to open a Zeal PDF is simply because the version of Adobe you are using is too old.  These error messages can say all kinds of cryptic things such as file corrupted, but they just mean that you need a more current version of Adobe Reader.
To resolve this, just uninstall your old version of Adobe, download a current version from the link above, install it, and you should be good to go.  The new version of Adobe Reader will read the Zeal PDFs perfectly without any errors.  Since our PDFs are so complexly formatted, new powerful versions of Adobe Reader are required.
Some other software can even corrupt existing installations of Adobe Reader as well, for instance if it tries to install an older version of Reader over the top of your newer version.  This is why it is really important to verify you are using a current version and to reinstall it totally if problems continue to arise.
OK, I installed the latest version of Adobe Reader and still have problems!  If you are sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed and still have problems, it might be your e-mail software.  Some e-mail programs do not properly allow Adobe Reader to open a file directly from within an e-mail.
To solve this issue, open your Zeal e-mail and save the Zeal PDF file directly to your hard drive.  Then open Adobe Reader and from within Adobe open the copy of the Zeal PDF that you saved on your hard drive.  This takes temperamental e-mail programs out of the loop entirely.

Step-by-step instructions please!  Here they are.

1.  Download and install the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software from www.adobe.com.  Even if you already have Reader, reinstalling it is essential since other software installations can corrupt Reader settings or even install an older version.  A clean installation of the latest version of Reader is very important.  Consider uninstalling existing Reader setups before installing your fresh-downloaded pristine new version.
2.  Open your e-mail software, then open the e-mail with the Zeal PDF attached, and then save this PDF file directly to your hard drive.  Some e-mail programs do not support opening PDF files directly from within e-mails and this step eliminates that potential problem.
3.  Open your new installation of the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and then open your Zeal PDF file, the copy you just saved to your hard drive, directly from within Reader.  This takes temperamental e-mail programs out of the loop.
What version of Adobe Acrobat Reader do I need?  Zeal PDFs are currently created in version 6.0 of Adobe Acrobat, so you should at least have 6.0.  In general it is best to have whatever version Adobe is currently offering.  Our PDF files are currently backward compatible to 4.0, but we will have to change that in the future as PDF technology evolves in order to take advantage of newer features (such as embedded hyperlinks) and smaller file sizes.  When you start up Adobe Acrobat Reader the momentary splash screen tells you your version.
How do I open a PDF file attached to an e-mail?  In most e-mail software all you have to do is double left-click the attached Acrobat PDF file and it will be opened automatically by Adobe Acrobat Reader.  But some e-mail programs may require you to save the file to your hard drive first.  In this case, you can double left-click on the PDF file in Windows Explorer to open and read it.  Alternatively you can run Adobe Acrobat Reader from your Start Menu, and then directly open a PDF file saved on your hard drive from within Adobe Acrobat Reader.
How do I know if I already have Adobe Acrobat Reader?  In Windows, left click the "Start" button in the lower left corner of your screen.  Then move your mouse pointer to the "Programs" item, and another menu will automatically open up.  In the new menu, look for the item "Adobe Acrobat 6.0" (or higher version).  If it is in the list, you probably already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.  If not, you need to download it for free directly from Adobe from the link mentioned above.
What if I am not running Microsoft Windows?  No problem.  Adobe also distributes free versions of Acrobat Reader in versions compatible with other non-Microsoft operating systems including Apple's.  Please visit www.adobe.com for more information.