Buy low, sell high.  This simple truth is the key to multiplying your wealth in the markets.  But unfortunately it is devilishly hard to implement practically.  Most investors are led hopelessly astray, with waves of popular greed and fear deceiving them into buying high then selling low.  Combating this destructive natural tendency requires continually arming yourself with knowledge, enabling you to fight the crowd.  That means buying low when things are out of favor, before later selling high when they're loved.  This is called contrarian investing.


Centuries of market history have proven in spades that no investing approach is more successful.  Buying and selling contrary to everyone else, and contrary to your own greed and fear, is the only way to consistently buy low then sell high.  Executing this is no mean feat, requiring a studied perspective encompassing sentiment, technicals, and fundamentals along with their cycles.  Our acclaimed Zeal Intelligence monthly newsletter will help you learn to think and invest like a true contrarian, growing your skill set necessary to multiply wealth.



The Internet has fueled explosive growth in financial-market commentary, amplifying the cacophony of market noise to shrill extremes.  But unfortunately classic peer-pressured groupthink, herd mentality, colors the vast majority of this.  You can't thrive in the markets if your only information is mainstream, as it will be bullish when markets are high and topping then bearish when they are low and bottoming.  Thriving as an investor requires cultivating great contrarian intelligence sources.  And Zeal Intelligence has long proven one of the best!


Our approach is unique and lauded, studying key markets including stocks, commodities, and currencies and their complex interrelationships over time.  Market chronology is critical to understanding what's really going on, and what's likely coming.  Traders react to the present and recent past, so event A leads to B then C then D.  Because that causal chain is so important for forecasting likely outcomes, each issue of Zeal Intelligence looks at every trading day that month.  This forms the coherent skeleton from which deeper analysis is hung.


That digs into each month's notable developments, risks, and opportunities critical for you to understand.  We concentrate on maintaining perspective, which is one of the most powerful tools in investors' arsenals.  We look at historical market reactions to similar past setups in sentimental, technical, and fundamental terms.  We discuss many indicators that can portend trend reversals, as the markets are forever cyclical.  All this analysis fuels our famed trade recommendations in specific stocks, which have earned fortunes for our subscribers.


After investing decades intensely studying and actively trading the markets, our vast experience, knowledge, and wisdom is unparalleled.  Not many people in the world have spent many tens of thousands of hours in the markets cultivating such exceedingly-valuable understanding!  You can enjoy the great fruits from our ongoing research for a mere pittance, putting our elite expertise in your corner.  We'll help you maintain perspective, suppress your greed and fear, grow your knowledge, and multiply your wealth by buying low then selling high.


Thriving in the stock markets is not a happy accident.  Investing success demands a great deal of hard work, discipline, diligence, experience, and wisdom.  We've long devoted our professional lives to achieving this, and rather than hide in some hedge fund we want to bless other investors.  Please join us and support our work!  Subscribe to Zeal Intelligence today, buy the current issue, take a tour, or click these thumbnails to read a sample.  We would be honored to help you succeed in contrarian investing, and are grateful for your business!