Adam here, thanks for considering my private consulting services!  You are probably already familiar with my work from my essays and weekly and monthly newsletters.  They are a far-more cost-effective way to stay abreast of my current thinking on the markets and trading.  But if you have specific questions and concerns that need to be directly addressed, I can certainly help.  Unfortunately my time is scarce and in high demand.


Many investors and speculators recognize the great value of the experience and expertise I've cultivated with my tens of thousands of hours of research, writing, and trading.  So I have no choice but to price my private consulting at a market-clearing price, which is fairly high.  But applying my vast knowledge directly to your work will likely help you earn or save orders of magnitude of my consulting fees.  My rate and terms are...


Adam Hamilton consulting time - US$200 per hour

     - Telephone, e-mail, or Zoom video, your choice

     - 1 hour minimum, after that my time is billed in 1-hour increments

     - 50% payment on estimated consulting time is due up front before work starts, rest upon completion

     - Please e-mail me at to get an estimate


The most-cost-effective consulting is a telephone conversation.  E-mail me your questions or documents to review, and I'll give you a consulting-time estimate if I can help.  Accept and pay the initial fee, and I'll do the work and schedule a mutually-beneficial time to give you a call.  We'll discuss everything on your mind and I'll offer my studied thoughts, insights, and opinions.  My consulting docket is usually full several weeks out.


I can certainly prepare a written deliverable if you'd prefer, but it takes much more time to write, proof, and prepare documents.  To give you an idea of the time involved, I typically spend about 12 hours on a weekly essay, 7 hours on a weekly Zeal Speculator issue, and 50 hours on a monthly Zeal Intelligence.  While I can definitely write up your project's results, realize it takes time to ensure our usual quality, reliability, and polish.


Due to my maddeningly-finite time, I have to decline the majority of consulting requests I receive.  To accept your engagement, I have to believe it aligns closely enough with my areas of expertise that I can add major value for you.  My studies over the years have centered around financial markets and their cycles, individual-stock analysis, and profitable speculation and investment.  This includes portfolio design and stock picking.


Is my consulting time worth its high cost?  Many customers think so.  I have decades of experience studying and actively trading the markets.  As of the end of 2012 before the extreme central-bank-conjured distortions, all 256 cumulative stock trades recommended in our monthly newsletter and 381 in our weekly had achieved impressive average annualized realized returns of +35.8% and +32.3% over 12 and 10 years respectively.


While the artificial markets of 2013 to 2015 were challenging, our cumulative returns remain excellent.  Our performance page has our full recommended-newsletter-trades realized results current to the latest quarter.  As of the end of 2022, I've written 1,050 essays, 269 monthly newsletters, and 1,027 weekly newsletters.  Not many people in the world have more experience in the markets, and fewer offer such expertise as consulting.


Who is Adam Hamilton?  I'm a life-long student of the markets.  I'm a battle-tested and hardened speculator and investor.  I'm a self-made millionaire who built a global financial-services business from nothing.  I'm a happily-married father of 2 amazing kids.  I'm a sinner, a Christian saved only by the grace of my Creator, Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.  I'm a Libertarian believing fervently in the smallest-possible government necessary to preserve freedom and liberty.


I grew up in a small-town banking family in rural North Dakota.  When I was 12 years old, my father opened my first brokerage account where I traded money earned from summer jobs.  I went to school at the University of Colorado at Boulder, triple majoring in Finance, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship with 4.0 GPAs.  After graduation I became a Big Six CPA and consultant.  In early 2000 when I was 25 years old, I had enough experience and capital to found Zeal.


I'm a voracious reader, which is one of my favorite things to do since there is so much to learn about the markets and life.  I enjoy hiking in Colorado's beautiful mountains with my family and friends, especially exploring old mine workings and prospecting.  I've always loved great video games, and playing trading simulators starting around 8 years old helped initially spark my interest in buying low and selling high.  I'm a fitness buff who loves good eating.


While I've forgotten more about the markets than most people will ever know, I'm far from a guru.  One could study the markets for a hundred lifetimes and still have much to learn!  And as a mere mortal, I certainly can't see the future but only game probabilities.  I'm incredibly blessed to be doing what I love, and if I can use my knowledge to help you out I'd be honored to.  I'll do everything in my power to exceed your expectations.